Michael Owen is a diversified and accomplished photographic artist, with an enduring passion for capturing the human face and all of its intricacies in his own unique brand of fine art portraiture.  Whether in studio or on location, he revels in the honor of recording the stories he sees within his subjects and the knowledge that like snowflakes, no two people and no two portraits will be the same.    

After earning his MFA in Photography from prestigious Academy of Art University in San Francisco in 2015, Michael expanded his repertoire to the realm of commercial photography.  In this work, he found entirely new outlets for his creative energy, producing captivating and beautiful, often simple statements from the everyday to the extraordinary.  This is where his commercial work shines, in his ability to execute his own and his clients' visions by pulling from his 10+ years of professional photographic experience in the field combined with his extensive education in lighting, theory, and practice.  His work is not left to chance, but meditated and delivered in a careful, thorough manner.  His methods are tried and true, his portfolio is innovative and fresh.  

Aside from working with his portrait and commercial clients, Michael also enjoys teaching Photography at Florida Gulf Coast University, photographing weddings with his wife and partner at Audrey Snow Photography, and traveling the world, one still frame at a time.  

Michael resides in Southwest Florida and is available for commission globally. 

Clients include:  

  1. 3rd St. South, Naples
  2. The Scout Guide: Naples
  3. Patina Collection                                                                
  4.  Culinary Concepts                                                       
  5. Bleu Provence                                                                                 
  6. BoneOn Sports Wear                                                              
  7. Simply Food                                                                             
  8. Old Soul Brewery                                                                    
  9. The Scout Guide Naples                                                  
  10. Florida Tracks and Trails                                                                        
  11. Jet Blue                                                                                               
  12. Boston Red Sox                                                                                   
  13. Country Life Music Festival                                                                  
  14. Marco Beach Ocean Resort                                                              
  15.  LaPlaya Beach Hotel